viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011


Thanks all for the emails and the commentaries here at the blog...
We here at the Komaba campus at the U.of Tokyo were quite lucky, there were no problems with buildings etc. It was just scary to run out of the 5th floor of the building which felt like in a flight turbulence. I guess one of the scariest experiences for me. I have to say that the Japanese colleagues take it much more tranquilo...actually thats whats needed more than panic. Anyway, very lucky here compared to more northern areas around Sendai as you might have seen on TV.
There have been aftershocks the whole day and night....many foreign people here in the hostel where I am could not sleep the whole night..but we have to get used to it as aftershocks were just announced for a whole month! baf.
turns out the blog is quite useful to keep informed..hope I can chip in some better news soon. Loads of love from Tokyo. Arigatou and adeu! Z

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  1. Hi Zenon, me alegro que esteis bien, las noticias sobre el desastre son muy bestias. Animo